Monita Trust and Security

Monita is a platform that allows companies to Monitor data and ensure it meets their data quality, governance and compliance requirements. Monita accepts data in two ways, it can either be pushed to us or we can pull it.

When data is pushed it is streamed to Monita's secure HTTPS API endpoint. When data is pulled, this is initiated by users providing secure authentication credentials, providing Monita's service with the ability to securely pull the data from the system or database (e.g. Google Big Query) according to the rights provided to it. Any data that is observed or moved is encrypted in flight and at rest.

Monita is a Cloud hosted SaaS application which means that we take care of scaling, reliability and security to make it much easier to observe data.

This document is an overview of how we provide best in industry security. We'll cover three major areas in the data lifecycle:

- Product Security: How we ensure only you can see your own data
- Network and Application Security: how we ensure your data is protected when it is in our cloud
- Ongoing Operations: how we remain good stewards of security best practices

Product Security
Network and Application Security
Ongoing Operations