Our features

See through your customers eyes

Existing Tag Auditing solutions can only take you through simulated scenarios. With realtime Monita Monitoring, you have complete visibility over every tag fired broken down by device, browser and OS.

Know in realtime when problems occur

Let Monita notify you by email or slack of any tag failures or anomalies on your website using our advanced machine learning anomaly detection.

Validate tag executions with rules

Use our ultra intuitive Rule builder to be notified when certain events occur on your site. The builder uses simple If-this-then-that logic, making it easy to setup.

Out with the old,
in with the new

Built for enterprise,
integrating with your stack

Enterprise Plans

Talk to us if you are looking for more than 100m API Calls, more than 3 Containers or use either Adobe Launch or Tealium Tag Manager and would like to monitor Data Layer Events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge?
What is an API Call?
What fields do you monitor?
How can Monita help my company?
What is ML Anomaly Detection?

Why monitor website tags?

It's simple. Tags power modern day digital marketing. Tag Monitoring ensures that audience capturing, ad re-targeting, ad suppression and analytics insights continue to populate

Your marketing ROI depends on it

Marketing departments and website developers need to know in realtime as soon as tags break. Reducing tag downtime is key to ensuring stable ad ops and continued ROI.

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