Monita x Publicis Media Group (Middle East)

We would like to officially welcome Publicis Media Group as Monita's first Global managed service provider (MSP) partner.

At Monita, we set out with a goal to ensure that digital marketers are able to monitor and know the quality of their digital marketing infrastructure.

Our mutual interests

When we first met the Publicis Data Sciences team in the Middle East, we were excited to find that our goals were aligned. We both knew that customers always needed high quality web data to inform marketing strategy. But we also appreciated how much of a challenge it was, to actively and constantly ensure a high quality web data pipeline, given the volume, variety and velocity of web data. It was clear to both of us, this was not a capability that could be done by mere human effort. It required a tool, constantly monitoring, locating these issues in realtime, and empowering teams to resolve data quality issues the moment they occur.

Why Monita?

E-commerce clients in particular rely on web traffic for revenue. And after initial presentations to the Publicis team, we had a clear sense of the clients that would benefit from a data monitoring capability. At the same time, there were also clients, that were asking for this technology, not knowing about the solution landscape.

So when we met Publicis it was perfect timing, customer demand existed, and we had a solution able to benefit both Publicis teams and their clients web analytics.

We also recognised together that many of the existing solutions were manual to setup, requiring extra QA resources and that they were not realtime in nature.

Innovative Machine Learning solution

Monita's team takes an innovative approach to data quality detection, leveraging Machine Learning (ML) to detect anomalous web data. The Publicis Data sciences team, really did align on this vision, knowing that by working with both a platform and a team that recognised the importance of ML, we could solve customer problems with much more efficiency.

What next?

We are working together with Publicis to solve data quality issues at more enterprise companies within the MENA region and beyond. We are excited to begin this relationship with Publicis and know that it will only lead to more innovation and customer success.

11 June 2021

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