Users are able to either view the raw tag monitoring data directly within Google Big Query within Google Cloud Console or integrate Big Query with a third party visualisation tool (such as Looker, Google Data Studio, Domo, Tableau, Power BI etc.)

Access via Google Cloud Console

Go to Big Query within Google Cloud Console. (ensure you are authenticated with the same account that you have logged in to your Monita account with). Your data sets will appear on the left side in resources within a project. Once navigating through the dataset you will notice a tag data table and an anomalies data table (if you have anomaly detection active). To view the data, create a query and run the query.

Access via Third Party Visualisation Tool

Given the raw data is in Big Query you can integrate any third party visualisation tool that integrates with Big Query. See docs for third parties to learn how to integrate Big Query with a third party platform. See docs below for popular third parties:

Google Data Studio




Power BI